Workshop light language writing & drawing online



When to follow the workshop?

  • The language of light is new to you and you are exploring it
  • You have begun to write and draw symbols of light language codes or feel they are forthcoming
  • You speak and/or gesture light language and want to try if you can write these light codes as well
  • You feel attracted to the light language but have not expressed it further yet

We will start the workshop with a meditation, you will receive spoken and gestured light language codes from me to open up for the flow of creation and then we will begin.

The workshop is an invitation to draw from your intuition, your feelings, express what is going on inside you and understand what the light language means. How to support yourself with it in the first place.

During the workshop there is a safe space for everyone to express themselves, there is also room for light language speaking and gestures to encourage each other and express what wants to come out.

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